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Paichi Garden and Florist is a well-established company in Moraira, Alicante. As a family business we have been in the gardening industry for more than 30 years. Due to the demand of our clients, in 2011 we started a new division specialized in flower arrangements. We started as a family business. Mr. and Mrs. Valles founded the company in 1982 and now it is  run by their two sons Antonio and Pascual and their daughter Ana. During all these years of experience we have learnt and improved our services according to the demands and the trends of the market.

Our product combines the very traditional demand of the new population in the area together with the latest trends in our industry. The staff in Paichi Garden is continuously learning to carry on their growth and development offering innovative and up-to-date products.We specialized in birthdays, weddings, funeral arrangements and all kinds of special occasions. Paichi Garden and Florist Centre has become an icon in the wedding industry in the area.

We offer a very unique and tailor-made service that is very much appreciated by the brides-to-be and wedding venues around here. We not only set up all the floral arrangements, but we also do all the decoration involved in the weddings as we offer a very detailed service, including table settings, table sitting plans, candy bars, disco party decoration and all the services related to weddings and any other special event. In funerals, we personalize every detail according to the tradition of the family and we can print personal messages in every language as well as printing logos or corporate messages. 

What makes us different is the customized service, the quality, freshness and the very unique and well elaborated arrangements, Innovative bouquets and all sorts of reations.  Thanks to our garden expertise and our long term reltionship with costumers we are able to understand in depth their needs and tastes. We buy our flowers from all over the world. Most of our flowers come from Spain, Holland and Ecuador.Our international network allows us to have an extended variety of flowers.  Thus, we have pretty much every flower available in the world.

During all these years, we have been getting very good reviews from our online clients. Most of them highlight the endurance of the flowers as well as the nice arrangements and punctuality. Among our many clients, we have an important colony of Russian expats in the area who like to buy their flowers at Paichi Garden.

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